On the way to the Northern Islands

On the way to the Northern Islands

By Lisa Vial

Northern Mauritius is enchanting: it is home to countless treasures on its land and it also hides many other wonders in its surrounding seas. Among these riches, several islets are revealed out of the water with turquoise shades.

"La mer, qu’on voit danser…" 

Discover these small islands departing from the great village of Grand Baie. If you are not yet the lucky owner of your own sailboat, several boats invite you to set sail in the early morning for a beautiful and long sunny day. Among these vessels, the privatized speedboat is perfect for those who wish to spend a privileged moment in an intimate atmosphere. Let's board a catamaran, the ideal boat to enjoy these precious moments with family or friends. To the rhythm of the stormy waves of the North, the vessel heads towards the small islands. On the way, the catamaran seems to be dwindling in presence of the tall, majestic and sheer island of the Coin de Mire, visible from the coast.

Heavenly settings: Île Plate and Îlot Gabriel

Only one hour separates Grand Baie from its first idyllic islands: Île Plate and Îlot Gabriel, quite close to each other. These uninhabited islets are immersed in unparalleled bluish waters. After enjoying a delicious lunch, the enchanting water of the blue lagoon drags you towards it. These waters are warm and shallow, ideal for relaxing divinely for a few hours.

Looking up to the sky, there are dozens of paille-en-queue birds flapping their wings over the natural reserves. The atmosphere is calm, the environment peaceful. A few hundred meters on the horizon, you'd be surprised to see a smaller version of the famous Le Morne mountain: the bare “Rocher aux Pigeons”.

Île Ronde and Île aux Serpents, naturally protected islets

You may decide to continue your cruise to new islands further offshore: Île Ronde and Île aux Serpents. These two islands benefit from considerable biodiversity and are home to rare species, particularly reptilians. Among these animals, some snakes, including several species of boa, decide to hide away from the excitement coming from Mauritius. Armed with a mask and a snorkel, you can also enjoy the outstanding scenes of the seabed.

After a beautiful day spent boating to discover the Northern Islands, time to return to the beautiful coast of Mauritius which now looks vast in comparison with the islets.


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