The different parties involved in a real estate acquisition

The different parties involved in a real estate acquisition


Becoming the owner of a property goes through several phases, and this requires the involvement of several people.

First of all, the real estate agency welcomes you and accompanies you throughout your purchase project. It presents you and makes you visit different properties, or presents you the plans in the case of properties sold on plan (virtual tours, 3D) ...

Then, the bank adviser will study the best financial package for your real estate project, and will send you a tailor-made and detailed loan offer to finance the purchase of your new apartment.

A notary must be present at the signing of the sales contract that finalizes the purchase of your property. He will send you the draft deed of sale at least 30 days before the date of signature. In Mauritius, the notary is at the choice of the buyer, and he receives approximately 1.5% of the sale. Please note that when buying in VEFA, the notary fees are reduced. Both the seller and the buyer then pay the 5% government transfer fee, and BARNES up to 2% excluding VAT.

Finally, when selling a property that is already built, an architect is rarely solicited. In the case of a property sold as a VEFA (sale in future state of completion), various construction professionals can intervene: architect, technical controller, consulting engineer, they can accompany you during the handing over of the keys to validate the good execution of the work. Their presence is nevertheless not obligatory and remains at your expense.