The rental property business in Mauritius

Investing in rental property in Mauritius

By Olivier Babet

With its pristine beaches, turquoise lagoons, mountainous interiors and multicultural population, Mauritius is the ideal destination for rental investment. Its demographic situation and tax advantages attract entrepreneurs from all over the world.

What is rental property investment in Mauritius? It all starts with the acquisition of one or more properties in Mauritius. The second step is to offer the property(ies) for rent on a long term, medium term or short term basis. This operation is not limited to new properties but can also be applied to second or third purchase properties.

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The rental property business in Mauritius Wise entrepreneurs have built empires in rental real estate in Mauritius and around the world. The aim is to acquire a portfolio of varied or similar properties and then offer them for rent. Compared to a resale property investment, rental investment is more profitable in the short or long term.

Short to medium term; Tourism, a mainstay of Mauritius Tourism is a pillar of the Mauritian economy. Its paradisiacal setting, a very affordable cost of living and its tropical climate attract an average of 1,200,000 tourists each year, a figure almost equal to the Mauritian population. With so many visitors and a market that is turning more and more towards home rentals and less towards hotels, your property will be successful in the short term market.

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Long term; Expatriates in Mauritius, a growing number every year. Mauritius has the advantage of being an English and French speaking country, which makes it easier for French and English speaking expatriates to settle on the island. Schools with an international curriculum facilitate the settlement of families. The quality of life, with a very pleasant climate and mild winters, attracts many expatriates and companies. It is a real godsend for long-term rental real estate. The secret lies in the choice of the location of the investment, which remains the main criterion for future tenants. The experts at BARNES are at your disposal to help you in your choices.

An advantageous tax system The Mauritian tax system with a single rate of 15%, without a ceiling, represents a very appreciable tax advantage. With the obtaining of a residence permit, you will be able to enjoy this benefit but also to benefit from non double taxation, an agreement between the Republic of Mauritius and the French Republic. Thus, the same income can only be taxed once, in one jurisdiction or the other.

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Varied investments for all budgets. As a major player in high-end real estate internationally and locally, the objective of BARNES Mauritius is to provide all its clients with a professional and personalized service. Our experienced team will guide you from start to finish.

A vast choice of properties. BARNES Mauritius has a vast choice of quality properties across the island. If you are looking for a rental investment within a real estate program, which is a much safer investment, we offer you a wide range of properties all different from each other located in the four corners of the island:

MONT CHOISY LA RÉSERVE - Vast domain with golf course and horse riding near the seaside village GRAND BAIE AZURI: Domain offering an unbeatable lifestyle located in the north of Mauritius. AKASHA: Exceptional waterfront villas on the West Coast ANAHITA: For lovers of golf and a life in a domain offering luxury services. POINTE d'ESNY LE VILLAGE: For an authentic art of living in the heart of a vast estate located in the South-East of the island.

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With this non-exhaustive list, our consultants will be happy to guide you in your purchase.

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