Trip in the South of Mauritius

Trip in the South of Mauritius

By Léa Conway

Ideal for a holiday with friends or family, discover this sumptuous villa located in Blue Bay, in the south-east of Mauritius. Modern and well furnished, it offers a splendid view of the lagoon and Île aux Deux Cocos island. 

In Blue Bay, you will see splendid corals and a multitude of fish varieties. Indeed, the Blue Bay Maritime Reserve is one of the most beautiful sites in the world. It is also classified as a national heritage site of Mauritius.

Very close to Blue Bay, is l'Île aux Aigrettes

The little natural paradise of l'Île aux Aigrettes is located on the southeast coast of Mauritius.

Let's start by talking about its history. Since 1985, the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation has restored 90% of this coral island by reintroducing native plants, birds and reptiles. Indeed, the Island had previously been ravaged by the introduction of exotic fauna and flora and by the felling of its trees, thus destroying the ecosystem that remained there. This 27-hectare nature reserve now houses flora and fauna that are no longer found anywhere else in Mauritius. It is also all that remains of the Mauritian dry coastal forest, which surrounded the island long before the arrival of humans.

In this protected nature reserve, you can enjoy a moment of relaxation but also of discovery. This small land and sea paradise is open to the public, and after crossing the crystal clear lagoon you will join a guide who will show you the giant turtles, the pigeons in the pink pools and Nick Bibby's exhibition of animal sculptures on an inspirational walk.

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