Tropical decor

The tropical decoration

By Lisa Vial

As the end-of-year approaches, forget for just one moment about Christmas decorations and discover tropical ones. In vogue for several years now, exoticism has not ceased to find new tricks in order to tastefully coat contemporary homes. Modern decoration and tropical style, when well married, make a very good combination. Who else but BARNES Mauritius to guide you through this subtle Creole turn?

The colours

"Green, green and green again" would tend to influence your exotic imagination. Green, yes, but not green only. Other more original colours will also remind you of the invigorating warmth of the Tropics. Take for example Coral, derived from orange, which perfectly symbolises the seabed biodiversity you can findin Blue Bay, in the South-East of Mauritius. A touch of blue can perfectly complement the coral mood in your home . Among the many shades of blue, BARNES Mauritius suggests the elegance of teal blue or the warmth of turquoise blue. If you choose the latter, make sure, like the coral, that you display it by subtle touches: on a lamp or in a new dish service. Teal blue, on the other hand, will be the ideal pigment for a feature wall.

The patterns  

Tropical decor is also related to exotic patterns, however numerous they may be: pineapple, jungle, coloured flowers or flamingo-pink. BARNES Mauritius gives its preference to palm leafs and tropical bird patterns which, when used properly, can add a beautiful touch to your home decoration. Spread them out in small strokes: on a bed linen set or on the cushions of your contemporary sofa, for example.

The plants

The Tropics are also full of lush vegetation. One of the simplest changes that can quickly beautify your decoration is to buy pot plants. Arranged in the rooms of your property, this organic supplement will bring life to your modern decoration. A large plant on the right of your sofa, a small plant on your TV cabinet, you can already imagine the  tropical atmosphere taking place.

The materials

If tropical colours, plants and patterns are to be used with finesse and discretion, natural materials can be doubled. For your furniture, walls or floors, choose wood, natural stone, rattan, bamboo and jonc de mer. These materials will warm your rooms up, without upsetting your contemporary decoration.  

As you would have understood, the secret of tropical decoration comes from its discretion. Enjoy a natural and resourcing cocoon, far from the urban necessities that remain on the landing of your house. Choose a colour, a pattern, a few plants and a few materials, to be combined with the refined lines of your contemporary architecture. Orchestrated like this, the ornament of your rooms will approach perfection.

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