Localjuillet 25, 2018
Beau Vallon: A village between land and sea

Nestled between the magnificent lagoon of Pointe d'Esny and the authentic village of Mahébourg, a bijou of natural beauty bathes [...]

Localjuillet 16, 2018
4 reasons why Floréal is a place to live in Mauritius

Could you imagine an upmarket real-estate hub nestled around the edges of a dormant volcano, away from the warm coastal [...]

Clippingsjuillet 01, 2018
Le tourisme et l'immobilier dynamisent le marché de luxe

Business Magazine 27 Juin - 3 Juillet 2018 :  l'opinion de BARNES Île Maurice sur le marché du luxe à [...]

Clippingsjuillet 01, 2018
L'immobilier de prestige contraint à s'adapter

Business Magazine 27 Juin - 3 Juillet 2018 :  BARNES Île Maurice et l'immobilier de luxe à Maurice. [...]

Clippingsjuillet 01, 2018
BARNES Île Maurice : Service d'accompagnement sur mesure au bénéfice du client

Business Magazine 27 Juin - 3 Juillet 2018 :  BARNES Île Maurice explique sa force sur le marché mauricien [...]

Clippingsjuillet 01, 2018
Pointe d'Esny Le Village in Mauritius offers exceptional investment opportunities

Asset Magazine - July 2018: Investment opportunities with Pointe d'Esny Le Village, located in the magnificent South-East region of Mauritius. [...]

Clippingsjuin 22, 2018
Here’s what you didn’t know about relocating to Mauritius

HomeTimes - 22 June  2018: Real estate in Mauritius is becoming more and more interesting for South-African buyers thanks to these [...]

Localjuin 21, 2018
Passionate about Pointe d’Esny

Some people might think that I am biased to talk about Pointe d’Esny as it is my home turf, but [...]

Localjuin 12, 2018
Grand Bay…not just a large bay!

Resolutely modern and dynamic, Grand bay has the advantage of being close to all facilities whether it be hotels, shopping [...]